Learn TensorFlow for Free
Coursera Data Science

Below a list of free resources to learn TensorFlow:

  1. TensorFlow website:
  2. Udacity free course:
  3. Google Cloud Platform:
  4. Coursera free course: www.coursera.orgicon
  5. Machine Learning with TensorFlow by Nishant Shukla :
  6. ‘First Contact With TensorFlow’ by Prof. JORDI TORRES:  or you can order from Amazon: First Contact With Tensorflow
  7. Kadenze Academy:
  8. OpenShift:
  9. Tutorial by pkmital :
  10. Tutorial by HyunsuLee :
  11. Tutorial by orcaman :
  12. Stanford CS224d: Lecture 7

Hope the above list would be useful.

Here some not free, but definitely worth trying resources available on Amazon:


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